Irix Lens 45mm f/1.4 Dragonfly for Fujifilm GFX


The Irix 45mm f / 1.4 GFX is a professional lens designed for FujiFilm GFX cameras. It has a high-quality construction, based on the knowledge of Irix Lens engineers gained during the design and production of full-frame lenses.

Discover the full potential of Irix 45mm f/1.4 lens with Irix astro photographer - Ruben Molina.

Irix Lens 45mm f/1.4 Dragonfly for Fujifilm GFX

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The equivalent focal length of 45mm for the FujiFilm GFX sensor is ~ 36mm, which combined with the very high resolution of the lens, makes it possible to capture every subject of photography.


Optical PerformanceOptical technologies applied in the construction of the Irix 45mm f / 1.4 GFX lens ensure an extremely good speed result - f / 1.4. This parameter provides exceptional light transmittance, perfect for work in low light conditions, creates a unique depth of field and enables you to capture the picturesque separation of the object from the background.

Main Features:

  • Light structure
  • Reinforced internal structure
  • Non-slip focus ring texture with special embossing for better grip
  • Sealing providing excellent protection against water and dust

The lens is equipped with an aperture consisting of 9 rounded blades. It provides gentle background blur on stopping down the aperture and a circular bokeh. The lens construction has also an aperture ring that works smoothly.

The Irix 45mm f / 1.4 GFX comes in a Dragonfly finish that combines the lightness and excellent ergonomics of the Firefly version with the durable magnesium housing used in the Blackstone series lenses.

Focusing ringHigh sharpening precision is ensured by a wide focus ring with high mechanical strength and resistance to unfavorable working conditions. Special texturing makes sharpening easier. A dedicated embossing allows you to feel the position of the ring, making sharpening even more precise. Above the focus ring, there is a focus lock, used also in full frame Irix lenses, which allows you to lock the lens at a specific focusing distance.


Focus LockThe Focus Lock feature allows you to lock the focus ring in a specific position. This is especially important when taking landscape photos, and also when you want to keep a specific distance from the subject (ie. In-studio or on the street).

Ready to shoot in any weatherThe lens has also seals located in 5 places, which protect the lens during work in difficult weather conditions. Thanks to the closed structure, the lens does not change its length, which causes no air movement during focusing.

Irix 45mm f/1.4 Main Features:

  • Smooth bokeh
  • Fast F/1.4 aperture
  • Internal focusing
  • Weather resistant construction
  • "Focus Lock" feature
  • 140-degree focus ring throw
  • Reinforced metal construction
  • 77mm front filter thread

Kit includes:

  • Irix Lens 45mm Dragonfly for GFX
  • lens hood
  • front lens cap
  • 2 rear lens caps
  • hard lens case
Fujifilm GFX
Focal length
Sensor size
full frame
Maximum aperture
Minimum aperture
Filter diameter
Apreture blades count
Lens composition
11 elements in 9 groups
Minimum focusing distance
Focal lenght type
Focus type
Size (mm)
87 x 144mm
Weight (kg)


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